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Hi there! Thank you so much for coming to check out my website! 

My name is Frank Martin. I like to design, edit, write, and build brands, but above anything else, I love to create.

I have had a passion for film and photography ever since I can remember. I carried this love for visual arts throughout my high school career creating short films for St. Pius X High School where I worked primarily with their football program. As someone with a huge affinity for sports (and not an ounce of athletic talent), just getting the chance to be associated with athletics was an exciting proposition.

That’s where I got my first opportunity to really dive into filmmaking: those special Friday Nights in the Fall. Back then, there was a small team of us who worked on these projects. Our crew was composed of Grayson Holt, a very talented filmmaker and close friend of mine, Aneek James, another great friend who acted as our narrator (and who I still work with frequently today), and myself. Our job was to compile short videos for our team to watch right before the opening kickoff. 

As the years passed, our ability to share the many emotions and lessons that surrounded our tested and talented team remain as some of my fondest memories, and I am very glad to have so many of those moments documented. 

I am currently a student at the University of Georgia majoring in Entertainment and Media Studies through the Grady College of Journalism with a minor in English from the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. Along with my work as a tour guide at the UGA Visitors Center, I am entering my fourth and final year as a student working with our football team. I am so grateful for the work I have been able to do here, and it is sad to see that time come to an end.

Football has been such a significant part of my life, and I think that's something that's important in our world today: finding the things that unite us. And I truly believe that football, and for that matter, sports in general, can be a means of uniting us all. I think that’s why I have chosen to spend such a great portion of my time with athletics. It reminds us that we’re all here for one reason: to celebrate each other that there's a home for everybody, even a kid with a love for cameras like me.

Although I’ve had the honor of working primarily with sports teams for the past 7 seven years, you’ll find links on my website which will direct you to projects that extend beyond football and athletics alone. I've done work for nonprofit organizations, schools, sororities, and many other organizations and businesses

The videos I am given the chance to create are for this amazing community friends and family who I will always consider to be more inspiring and important than myself. I can only hope that the work I do will be in some small way a means of giving back to the many who have given me so much.   

Well that’s enough about me! 

What follows is a collection of some of my work and a few projects that I am currently developing. So I hope you get the chance to take a look, and if you're interested, subscribe to my newsletter!

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy! 

Where to watch

  Be sure to check out some cool caffeine-fueled films via the links below!

Be sure to check out some cool caffeine-fueled films via the links below!

My own account with a variety of different projects.

An account managed by the University of Georgia for which I helped develop and create content. 


Frank Martin is an intuitive creator, a curator of stirring sentiments and a warrior of words.
He captures our hearts so completely because his is fueled by our enthusiasm.
He wants what we want: to be a part of something bigger.

- The Chapel Bell

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Notable Mentions

“Frank Martin’s extremely gifted skill set has made a resounding impact throughout the Bulldog Nation. His videos encapsulate what it means to wear the red and black, to play between the hedges, and to support our great football team. His videos about our program have elevated the image and prestige of our first class team...he has established himself among one of the finest advocates of our University and Athletic Association.“

UGA Athletic Director, Greg McGarity


“College Kid is behind UGA’s Football Hype Videos”

Grady News Source

“Anyone who watched this year's Georgia football videos, such as “Hometown” and “The Georgia Way” on Facebook or at the games knows the immense amount of creativity and passion that goes into each one.”

–  The Red & Black

“If you’re a Georgia fan and aren’t already excited about Saturday’s crucial matchup with Auburn, well this should help raise the hair on your arms.”


“How ready are you for this game now?”

The Bleacher Report

“UGA gets fans ready for AU showdown, Gurley return in hype video”

CBS 46 Atlanta

“His videos have charged energy into the fanbase of late in ways never before seen from an official video department.”

Classic City Today

“Having had a full day to get ready for the game, the crowd should be pretty wired by game time, and when the latest terrific hype video done by UGA’s Frank Martin is shown on the big screen at Sanford, the place should be “worse than bonkers,” as Larry Munson would say.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

“It is obvious to those who know him that Frank has unique and exceptional qualities. He applies skill, the work ethic and a rare ability to communicate for someone his age to produce moving videos that capture the spirit of all things involving the Georgia Bulldogs.  He has class, manners and a curiosity which will take him far……and when he is on top in his profession, he will not forget where he came from.   This is one nice guy who will finish first.”

– Legendary UGA Sportswriter, Loran Smith


“For University of Georgia football fans – and so many others who have viewed these videos on links that have gone viral – the titles inspire and rally. They’re the work of young filmmaker Frank Martin, who has been working hard to share his passion.”

– The Chick-Fil-A Foundation  

“At the University of Georgia, football transcends its basic definition as simply a sport. Here, it is something much more. The Georgia football pre-game videos released on social media before each home game portray this. Meet Frank Martin, a sophomore at UGA and the writer, director, and producer of these videos.”

– The Chapel Bell

“Last year, the video team stepped up their game, with the addition of one freshman student. 'Getting everybody ready to go,' explains Frank Martin as he edits video. Frank used his high school experience at St. Pius to help take the video quality and storytelling to a whole new level.”

 Fox 5 Atlanta News Broadcast

“Mitchell, Conley and Drew are only the most high-profile examples. Quincy Mauger, a junior safety for the Bulldogs, produces UGA hype videos with Athens legend Frank Martin."

 – NCAA.com

"But there is one thing we can always count on. One person who is always there to pick us up, even when we feel like giving up. His name isn’t Todd Gurley, or Mark Richt, or Hutson Mason. It’s Frank Martin."

FAF Magazine

Video created by Eric Black



Letter for larry, the georgia way, & THE STORM

The 2016 Collegiate Sports Video Association in Cincinnati, Ohio awarded "The Storm" with the titles "Best Recruiting Video" and "Best Overall Collegiate Video in the Nation for 2016." 
In 2015, "The Georgia Way" received the same awards including the Ultimate SAVVY, and in the year prior, "A Letter for Larry" took home the title for "Best Tribute Video" in the 2014 Idea Conference in Dallas, Texas.
Over the past 3 years, UGA Football has been given 5 national awards for excellence in Football Video, and additionally, the videos I have been given a chance to work on have reached audiences amassing to over 5 million people. This past year, the football department created a unique award just to recognize my work for the athletic association throughout my four years at the University of Georgia. 
Outside of film, I have been given awards for my contributions to the school. I have been featured as an Amazing Student, recognized as student employee of the year runner-up, and this past Fall, I was elected to Homecoming Court representing the Visitors Center.  

Featured RELEASE




fuel your fire

welcome to the new era

Autumn Fire is a collection of short 1-5 minute pieces that will document our team’s journey throughout the season. 

“Autumn” is for that special time of year when football returns to the Bulldog Faithful and “Fire” represents the passion for which all members of the Bulldog Nation pour into their work and dedication to this university.


At the core of football lie values important to how we live our everyday lives—values that are important to our growth as individuals. And so, each episode is centered around a different ideology that we hold dear at the University of Georgia.  Autumn Fire is a representation of those crucial characteristics, and acts as a link between the athletic, social, and educational aspects that make our school unique.

This project shows that we put our hearts and souls into the values we teach here—both on and off the field. Autumn Fire underlines the ways in which football offers us an opportunity to unite—a platform that can transcend race, religion, and all avenues of discrimination. It illustrates how our men on the field act as a representation of each one of us: a physical and hardworking team—one Bulldog Nation.


Ours is a group that perseveres—a special community that overcomes adversity—that attacks the day—that inspires. 

Ours is a passion that ignites a fire deep within our hearts.


these are your

2016 georgia bulldogs

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A special thanks to Neil Peterson and Eric Black.



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Graphic Design


For this project, I was asked to create a brochure that would be sent all around the U.S. to advertise the first ever Kirby Smart Football Camps for Summer 2016. These are the graphics and photography I used in the final drafts of the project.  



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